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Calit2's wireless networking labs have been an enormous resource for university and industry collaborations. They provide a wide range of wireless research infrastructure support. Some of the projects ongoing in the laboratory include:

  • CalMesh: A first-responder's WiFi mesh network
  • Fast deployment, self-configuring, low-cost, Always-Best-Connected (via cellular, satellite, WiFi hotspots, iMAX, etc.)
  • Optimized L2 routing protocol: MACRT
  • Network monitoring software
  • Opportunistic mesh routing development
  • Goal: to utilize inherent network diversity
  • Development and testing performed on QualNet and CalRadio
  • Software-defined radio development
  • Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) open-waveform development (FM3TR, APCO25)
  • Software Communications Architecture (SCA)-compliant systems
  • BlueMap: Bluetooth sensor network: a mobile malware analysis project
  • Sensor networking
  • ZigBee networking with WiFi interworking

For information about opportunities for collaboration, contact Per Johansson; for up-to-date contact information search the faculty directory at http://blink.ucsd.edu.

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